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Hate to be a Weiner apologist, but that’s some apology he’s packin

I don’t like engaging in partisan hackery.
In the spirit of “to be sure,” let’s get the following out of the way:

  • Poor judgment most definitely
  • Ethics called into question
  • Lying: always a bad idea; possibly unforgivable
  • Most severe in my opinion, is complete ignorance as to the principles that govern the way information is transmitted today. This is inexcusable for someone who represents the people! As was the case when a certain Republican ex-Presidential-hopeful admitted to rarely using the internet, the question of how one can enact legislation that has far-reaching effects on say, digital privacy, comes to mind. It’s truly shocking that he would mistake a publicity-generating microblogging platform with something private. By something private, of course, I mean cornering the girls in person and showing off his tent; you simply don’t have digital photos of your crotch if you’re important.

I am all for older, eccentric folk scoffing at the computer as though it’s an unwelcome animal. But I want my congressperson to be current enough to have noticed the internet by now.

Phew; now that we’ve got that out of the way, I have to give props for the thorough and kickass apology that Weiner has crafted. Absent are the sorry-you-felt-that-way conditionals–you know, the “sorry” where you’re blamed for not participating in the defensive delusion that the person apologizing has done nothing wrong. He doesn’t try to blame the conservative (lame-ass) blogger who broke this significant story worth talking about.

I’m not going to <blockquote> anything from the speech, because the internet has an awesome phototranscript narrated by weiner-shaped Dachshunds.

But I will say this:

  1. He stays on point: he’s taking full responsibility for his dumb actions.
  2. His apology is only about him; he hurt and disappointed a bunch of people.
  3. His transgressions end up being rather benign for a political scandal.

I certainly don’t feel bad for the guy, but his apology was not what I expected. There’s no ambiguity, projection, blame, or general shadiness. It’s honest and emotional without sounding overproduced or saccharine. It’s really the only thing you can say after being so dumb.

Good job?

Why isn’t this her radio single?
Catchy, haunting, and that
thick bassgroove…. damn!

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